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Libertarians are underdogs. The game is rigged against us. The Republican/Democrat duopoly colluded to effectively prevent any 3rd party from winning.

So what should we do? Is it hopeless? Should we just give up?

The good news: underdogs win all the time. David beat Goliath. Washington beat the British Empire. Trump beat Hillary. The Viet Cong beat the US military.
Microsoft beat IBM. Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson. Nigel Farage beat the European Union.

It's these essential lessons that libertarians must learn from in order to have any semblance of success. And that's why today's guest spent so much time on his awesome article over on Substack, "How Libertarians can Take on the Duopoly and Win", as today I'm joined by Curt (Libertarian) from Checkmate the State.

Find Curt's Article Online: https://checkmatestate.substack.com/p/guerilla-politics?r=d6283&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy

Find Curt Online: https://twitter.com/checkmatestate

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